With joy

This has taken far longer than I ever thought it would, but the Jane Austen Quotes blog has now officially been resurrected.  It's going on four years since I've been able to post regularly here, and I'm thrilled to pieces to be back.

I'm still in treatment for Lyme, which has been longer and harder than anything I ever imagined, but we're seeing a lot of progress and I'm more and more capable.  I'm also thrilled to announce that I have a new book coming out in May: The Jane Austen Guide to Life: Thoughtful Lessons for the Modern Woman.  That project — and just the ability to work, to write — has been such a gift.

There's more information both about my journey with Lyme and about the new book at my web site, www.writerlorismith.com.

Thank you for your comments, for wondering about me, for your concern and your prayers.  I've really appreciated them (and your emails and letters), though I've largely been unable to reply.

I'm hopeful for the future . . . and so glad to be here with you.

And now, to celebrate Jane.

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