We prefer the sea

“Edward Cooper is so kind as to want us all to come to Hamstall this summer, instead of going to the sea, but we are not so kind as to mean to do it.  The summer after, if you please, Mr Cooper, but for the present we greatly prefer the sea to all our relations.”

A sentiment I understand!

Edward Cooper was Jane and Cassandra’s cousin, an evangelical clergyman and rector at Hamstall Ridware
letter to Cassandra
January 25, 1801 [33]


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2 Responses to We prefer the sea

  1. Lorie

    I too understand it. The sea is a great restorer, isn’t it? Thanks for the quotes, they are great.

  2. Hahaha! If only our sweet relations would be so gracious to understand the restorative powers of holidays that don’t necessarily include time spent with them.