Top Ten Spiritual Jane Austen Places

Austen_romanbaths_sm I’m thrilled to post this!  (Thanks, BajaJaneite for sending in the link — I’ve been wanting to share it with you all.)

I did a gallery for BeliefNet with pictures from my trip and thoughts on the spiritual Austen places I visited — spiritual being rather loosely defined, as in perhaps relating to (ahem…) the cult of Colin Firth. 😉

Check it out!  The pics are some of my absolute favorites.  They’re also running an excerpt from my book.

Photo of the Roman Baths (copyright Lori Smith 2005)


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3 Responses to Top Ten Spiritual Jane Austen Places

  1. Oh, does that bring back memories. I visited Bath — I think it was the first time I was in England, with a group from my college. And I got sick as a dog. (Cramps, plus the effect of an underdone pig-in-a-blanket I’d unwisely eaten at a concession stand in Stonehenge.) I was so sick I was crouched on the floor in the museum, thankful it was dark in there, and trying to stay in a corner so I wouldn’t get trampled on! Needless to say, I couldn’t enjoy the place at all. I’d like to go back sometime when I could enjoy it! 🙂

  2. Baja Janeite

    Your photos are splendid! I enjoyed this little pilgrimage tour very much!

  3. Beverly

    Lori, this is lovely, both the words and pictures. I believe I loved the Hampshire Fields most of all.