Queen of pity parties

“Mary was happy no longer: she quarrelled with her own seat, was sure Louisa had got a much better somewhere, and nothing could prevent her from going to look for a better also. . . . Anne found a nice seat for her, on a dry sunny bank, under the hedgerow, in which she had no doubt of their still being, in some spot or other.  Mary sat down for a moment, but it would not do; she was sure Louisa had found a better somewhere else, and she would go on till she overtook her.”

Persuasion, volume 1, chapter 10

I love Mary.  Nothing snaps me out of my own pity parties faster than thinking of her, and her “I’m sure Louisa has found a better,” as Sophie Thompson says in her brilliant performance.

I realize now that I am not entirely sure what a hedgerow looks like, but here is a shot of one of the fields around Steventon, where Jane grew up.


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2 Responses to Queen of pity parties

  1. Erin

    I watched that version of Persuasion again a couple days ago. It had been a few years. Wow, I had forgotten Mary. She is so hilarious.. That was really well done.

  2. How coincidental! I was watching Persuasion last night. And you’re right – Sophie Thompson was brilliant.