Parades of happiness

“We have heard nothing fresh from Anna.  I trust she is very comfortable in her new home.  Her Letters have been very sensible & satisfactory, with no parade of happiness, which I liked them the better for.–I have often known young married Women write in a way I did not like, in that respect.”

letter to her niece Fanny (Edward’s daughter), about another niece, Anna (James’s daughter), who had just married Ben Lefroy
November 18, 1814 [109]


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  1. Laura

    Hi Lori- loved “A Walk with Jane”! It combined everything I enjoy reading: faith, travel, and Jane Austen. I live in Fairfax, not too far from Herndon, and things that you wrote about Herndon I totally sypathized with! Have a great day,
    Laura Schaefer

  2. Lori, you find the best quotes! Bravo. This really made me smile. Cheers, Laurel Ann