Long letters

“I assure you I am as tired of writing long letters as you can be.  What a pity that one should still be so fond of receiving them!”

letter to Cassandra
June 30, 1808 [55]

This is just how I feel about email!


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4 Responses to Long letters

  1. There’s a difference, of course — back then, you had to pay to receive the letter, so a few lines on a sheet of paper would feel like a ripoff. Email feels like free (even though we pay for the service).

  2. Bonnie Buckingham

    My Book Club is awaiting your book to read it together in the fall! It’s been wonderful to follow your blogs!
    I’m reading a short story in White Wings: The Short Stories of Elizabeth Goudge. This one is called “Escape for Jane” ( Based ona true incident in the life of Jane Austen). Have you read it?
    Bonnie Buckingham

  3. Thanks, Bonnie — that’s very cool about the book group! I’m not at all familiar with Goudge’s stories. I would love to know if the story were based on Jane’s life.