I bet you read it every year…

Today we venture into pop culture for a quote from You’ve Got Mail, with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.  I love how he turns this into an insult . . . “I bet you just love Mr. Darcy.”  Heh!  This is from the scene where she’s waiting for her mystery emailer to meet her, and Joe walks in instead.  Read more here.

JOE Kathleen Kelly. Hello. What a coincidence. Mind if I sit down?

KATHLEEN Yes I do.  I'm expecting someone. 

Joe picks up her book, looks at it.      

JOE Pride and Prejudice. 

Kathleen grabs it back.      

KATHLEEN Do you mind? 

She places it back on the table, puts the rose into it.      

JOE I didn't know you were a Jane Austen fan.  Not that it's a surprise.  I bet you read it every year.  
I bet you just love Mr. Darcy, and that your sentimental heart beats wildly at the thought that he and 
whatever her name is are really, honestly and truly going to end up together.      

KATHLEEN Would you please leave? 

Joe sits down.      

KATHLEEN Please?      

JOE I'll get up as soon as your friend comes. Is he late?      

KATHLEEN The heroine of Pride and Prejudice is Elizabeth Bennet and she's one of the greatest, most 
complex characters ever written, not that you would know.      

JOE As a matter of fact I've read it.      

KATHLEEN Well, good for you.      

JOE I think you'd discover a lot of things if you really knew me.      

KATHLEEN If I really knew you, I know what I would find -- instead of a brain, a cash register, instead 
of a heart, a bottom line. 


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4 Responses to I bet you read it every year…

  1. Luciana

    Well, with this little scene of the movie we can see that P&P is always, for ever and ever, being used for new ideas of stories, and we can see how “You’ve got mail” has used the plot of the main couple in a different context. and,by the way, I read your blog everyday! Congratulations!

  2. Lorie

    Love this scene, although DH and DS both roll their eyes and say “Oh no, not Jane Austen again!” Lovely blog, and very much appreciate the Jane-isms!

  3. This is a great part in the movie – one of my favorite chick flicks!
    Passcode to Blog is springchickie

  4. You’ve Got Mail is one of my favorite movies. I watch it every year, and believe that Joe and whatever her name is will really, honestly and truly end up together.