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The idle rich

". . . there was no necessity for my having any profession at all . . ."

Edward Ferrars

Sense and Sensibility, v. 1, ch. 19

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Advantageous idleness

” . . . as I might be as dashing and expensive without a red coat on my back as with one, idleness was pronounced on the whole to be most advantageous and honourable . . . ”

Sense and Sensibility volume 1, chapter 19

Spoken by Edward Ferrars, about his difficulty finding a calling that would please both himself and his family

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Properly idle

” . . . a young man of eighteen is not in general so earnestly bent on being busy as to resist the solicitations of his friends to do nothing.”

Sense and Sensibility, volume 1, chapter 19

Spoken by Edward Ferrars

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Ideas in common (or lack thereof)

“Only one comes back with me tomorrow, probably Miss Eliza, & I rather dread it.  We shall not have two Ideas in common.  She is young, pretty, chattering & thinking chiefly (I presume) of Dress, Company, & Admiration.”

Of a journey back home with one of the Miss Moores
letter to her niece, Fanny Knight
November 30, 1814 [114]

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