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To wish was to hope

“She new that what Marianne and her mother conjectured one moment, they believed the next: that with them, to wish was to hope, and to hope was to expect.  She tried to explain the real state of the case to her sister.
’I do not attempt to deny,’ said she, ‘that I think very highly of him—that I greatly esteem, that I like him.’”

Elinor confronting the expectations of Mrs. Dashwood and Marianne
Sense and Sensibility, volume 1, chapter 4

But really, isn’t that the state of women in general?  We hope and expect so much, as Darcy reminds us.

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Mrs. D. on expectations

“‘One must not expect everything.'”

Mrs. Dashwood, on hoping to improve Barton Cottage but expecting not to have the money to be able to do it
Sense & Sensibility, volume 1, chapter 6

Rather ironic coming from Mrs. Dashwood!  Unfortunately, in other realms of life, she is not so philosophical and has to learn this lesson the hard way.

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