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A hundred ways

“I suppose there may be a hundred different ways of being in love.”

Emma, on thinking Mr. Elton far too gallant
Emma, volume 1, chapter 6

I’m taking the next week off to linger and gaze at the sea, glory in the ocean, and sit dangerously outdoors!  Happy Memorial Day to all my U.S. readers. Enjoy the wonderful long weekend!  The blog will be back on June 2.


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A season for friendly meetings

Today we have Mr. Elton giving the opposite perspective on holiday parties:

“This is quite the season indeed for friendly meetings. At Christmas
every body invites their friends about them, and people think little of
even the worst weather. I was snowed up at a friend’s house once for a
week. Nothing could be pleasanter. I went for only one night, and could
not get away till that very day se’nnight.”

Emma, volume 1, chapter 13

This image of Steventon rectory is from Jane Odiwe’s Austen Effusions — isn’t it lovely?  I am all for snow, and for getting snowed in with friends.


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