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"They say everybody is in love once in their lives."

Emma reflecting on her feelings for Frank Churchill–of course, at this point, she doesn’t really know what love is.
Emma, volume 2, chapter 13

Coming in a little over a week (March 23) — our next installment of Masterpiece’s Complete Jane Austen Season.  Love this version of Emma with Kate Beckinsale.

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If he chooses…

“There is one thing, Emma, which a man can always do, if he chuses, and that is, his duty; not by maneuvering and finessing, but by vigour and resolution.”

Mr. Knightley, criticizing Frank Churchill for not visiting his father sooner
Emma, volume 1, chapter 18

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Judging unfairly

“It is very unfair to judge of any body’s conduct, without an intimate knowledge of their situation. Nobody, who has not been in the interior of a family, can say what the difficulties of any individual of that family may be.”

Very wise, Emma.  (Of course, at that point, she’s defending Frank Churchill to Mr. Knightley, and his judgment ends up being closer to the truth.)
Emma, volume 1, chapter 18

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