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Constantia wine

This is for Karen, who was wondering if this scene was in the book:

“I have just recollected that I have some of the finest old Constantia wine in the house that was ever tasted; so I have brought a glass of it for your sister.  My poor husband!  How fond he was of it!  Whenever he had a touch of old cholicky gout, he said it did him more good than anything else in the world.  Do take it to your sister.”

“Dear ma’am,” replied Elinor, smiling at the difference of the complaints for which it was recommended, “how good you are! But I have just left Marianne in bed, and, I hope, almost asleep; and as I think nothing will be of much service to her as rest, if you will give me leave, I will drink the wine myself.” . . .

Elinor, as she swallowed the chief of it, reflected that, though its good effects on a cholicky gout were, at present, of little importance to her, its healing powers on a disappointed heart might be as reasonably tried on herself as on her sister.

Elinor and Mrs. Jennings, shortly after Marianne’s disappointment with Willoughby
Sense & Sensibility, volume 2, chapter 8 (read it in context at Mollands)


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Leaving off being young

“By the bye, as I must leave off being young, I find many Douceurs in being a sort of Chaperon for I am put on a Sofa near the Fire & can drink as much wine as I like.”

letter to Cassandra
November 6, 1813 [96]

I have a birthday next week… Now that I am leaving off being young, I am ready to be put on a sofa by the fire. 😉

According to, the archaic meaning of douceurs is “sweetness or agreeableness.”


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More fun in the Upper Rooms

“Mrs Badcock & two young Women were of the same party, except when Mrs Badcock thought herself obliged to leave them, to run round the room after her drunken Husband.–His avoidance, & her pursuit, with the probable intoxication of both, was an amusing scene.”

letter to Cassandra
May 12, 1801 [36]

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