A view of Bath

Forgive my absence the last few days.  It was due to what I think was food poisoning, or maybe the stomach flu.  Ugh.  Wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Thoughts of Bath in any weather are a comfort to me, though I know it wasn’t always so for Jane:

“The first veiw [sic] of Bath in fine weather does not answer my expectations; I think I see more distinctly thro’ Rain.–The Sun was got behind everything, and the appearance of the place from the top of Kingsdown, was all vapour, shadow, smoke & confusion.”

letter to Cassandra
May 5, 1801 [35]

This was written just after Jane arrived in Bath with her mom, as the family was moving there after her father retired.  Tradition is that Jane fainted when she heard of the move, and was not very happy in Bath.

This pic of the Roman Baths is from my trip in July of 2005.

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  1. Lorie

    I’m glad your better, that is nasty stuff!
    I too, love Bath, but I suppose your personal circumstances can taint the experience. Nice picture of the outdoor pool.