Warren’s indifference

“Assure her also as a last & indisputable proof of Warren’s indifference to me, that he actually drew that Gentleman’s picture for me, & delivered it to me without a Sigh.”

letter to Cassandra
January 14, 1796 [2]

Jane was referring to John Warren (who is portrayed in Becoming Jane as Jane’s incredibly awkward suitor, a la Mr. Collns).  Others thought he might be in love with her but she believed him to be just a friend.  The picture he delivered was one of Tom Lefroy.

The last reference Jane made to Tom was here, where she talks about “flirting her last” with him.

I’ve now posted every quote about Tom from Jane’s early letters. There’s actually very little.   We will never really know how much her heart was involved — although, of course, it’s a fun story to tell and fun to speculate.

If you’ve seen Becoming Jane I would love to know what you thought.


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5 Responses to Warren’s indifference

  1. Luciana

    Hey Lori, do you know when Becoming Jane will be released in Brazil? ‘Cause I’ve been looking for a settle date, but couldn’t find it. I hope that it comes here, ’cause I want to see with my own eyes what has happened with Jane’s story. Again, you’re doing a lovely work here!

  2. KS

    I think I’ll wait for the DVD, but you might be interested in the movie review posted on August 7 at http://www.spectator.org.

  3. Thanks, Luciana! I don’t see Brazil on the release date list at IMDB:
    Hmm… hope you get to see it.

  4. Luciana

    Thanks for the review of the Spectator. It looks to me that they’ve done pretty much the same as in Shakespeare in Love. I don’t know what I’ll think of it, but it doesn’t look good. I’ve already seen the IMBD site, but there’s nothing there. Thaks for your atention Lori!

  5. Laura

    I have seen Becoming Jane twice already and absolutely love it. Of course, going into the movie, if you know anything about Jane’s life, you know how it ends…but eventhough it is not an absolute true story, it is a beautiful one. I love that not all movies have desireable endings and this is one of them. I would watch it over and over again! I would have loved to know Jane and know what she was really like. You can only get so much from her letters to Cassandra.