The sea-air always does good

I am back!  The beach was wonderful, and I lingered and gazed as one deserving to look at the ocean.  It is a healing place.  Our last few days, the water turned to brilliant blues and greens–almost Caribbean.  I’ve never seen it like that in North Carolina.  It was gorgeous.  Would like to post a pic, but I forgot my camera, so I’m waiting for a CD from Brenda.  But here is a picture of Lyme–which, unfortunately, was anything but Caribbean when I was there–gray, cold and rainy.  In July.  Ugh!

Today’s quote is again from Persuasion:

“Oh, yes!  I am quite convinced that, with very few exceptions, the sea-air always does good.  There can be no doubt of its having been of the greatest service to Dr. Shirley, after his illness, last spring twelve-month.  He declares himself, that coming to Lyme for a month did him more good than all the medicine he took; and that being by the sea always makes him feel young again.  Now, I cannot help thinking it a pity that he does not live entirely by the sea.”

Henrietta Musgrove, hoping old Dr. Shirley will retire and give the parish to her cousin Charles Hayter, which would enable them to marry
Persuasion, volume 1, chapter 12 (emphasis mine)

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