The joy of a good book

“‘While I have Udolpho to read, I feel as if nobody could make me miserable.'”

Catherine, Northanger Abbey, volume 1, chapter 6

I’ve just gotten Udolpho and can’t wait to delve into it, but I have to confess this is exactly how I feel about the Harry Potter books.  Such joy!


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2 Responses to The joy of a good book

  1. My friend Lori and I are going to read Udolpho together. I just got her hooked on Jane Austen books. She absolutely loved Northanger Abbey and we thought it would be great fun to read Udolpho now. Have you read The Romance of the Forest? Very interesting!

  2. I’ve not yet read that, but I love the sound of that book. Let me know what you think of Udolpho!