The measure of a man?

“’Brandon is just the kind of man,’ said Willoughby one day when they were talking of him together, ‘whom everybody speaks well of, and nobody cares about; whom all are delighted to see, and nobody remembers to talk to.’”

Sense & Sensibility, volume 1, chapter 10

Then again, Willoughby is the kind of boy who gets girls pregnant and leaves them to fend for themselves, disgraced and alone in the world.

David Morissey as Colonel Brandon.  ©BBC 2007 for Masterpiece™


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4 Responses to The measure of a man?

  1. That’s hilarious! Excellent come back. And like truely good comebacks– true.
    I subscribe to your feed on LJ, and once I had to steal the quote— the one on worth and competency, and I went off on a rant on the cost of living in my county.
    So, hello, and I hope you keep up the quoting!

  2. Beverly

    I’ve always loved Colonel Brandon … or is it Alan Rickman that I love?
    I’m reading “A Walk with Jane Austen” right now and really enjoying it. My lucky granddaughter is studying British Literature IN ENGLAND right now through a program her college here in Iowa has put together. How wonderful is that?

  3. Jenny Neumann

    Hello Lori,
    Well, I love Colonel Brandon. To me so well fleshed out by Alan Rickman (sp?)in Emma Thompson’s S&S. But, yes, I am a Jane Austen addict and will watch almost any version they decide to put out. I so appreciated your book. I proudly keep it on my shelf next to my Complete Works of Jane Austen tome. I hope one day my girls will fall in love with Jane (if I haven’t burnt them out at this point) and her world of words and your lovely book will make such a fitting accompaniment(sp?). Thank you for your quotes and Jane updates.

  4. Thanks, Jenny! I’m honored to be on a shelf next to Jane!
    Beverly — jealous of your granddaughter. What a wonderful opportunity!