The great goodness of being in love

Of Mr. Weston’s first marriage:

“She had a husband whose warm heart and sweet temper made him think every thing due to her in return for the great goodness of being in love with him.”

Lucky woman!

Emma, volume 1, chapter 2


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5 Responses to The great goodness of being in love

  1. KS

    This isn’t really about today’s post, but are you going to blog about The Complete Jane Austen on PBS? I’ve been checking out the website,

  2. I am planning to blog about that — actually, hoping to coordinate the daily quotes with their broadcast schedule, but I’ve been unable to actually *find* a schedule. Has anyone seen it?

  3. DME

    Here is link to The Masterpiece Theatre site that has the dates listed for the Jane Austen series.
    (By the way, love your blog and I am LOVING your book!)

  4. KS

    Oh, good. I’m looking forward to your commentary!