Becoming irresistible

“Catherine, meanwhile, undisturbed by presentiments of such an evil . . . enjoyed her usual happiness with Henry Tilney, listening with sparkling eyes to every thing he said; and, in finding him irresistible, becoming so herself.”

Dancing at the Assembly Rooms in Bath
Northanger Abbey, volume 2, chapter 1

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  1. Hi Lori,
    Your book looks WONDERFUL! I’m so glad your friend sent you my blog post about spending the day at the laptop in PJ’s…now I have a reason to get dressed and head out to the bookstore! Seriously, I am so excited to read your book. I LOVE Jane Austen, and turn again and again to her wit and wisdom in those seasons of life when all the multitasking in the world won’t make things better.
    Thanks for all the PJ & laptop time you put in to make this happen…I LOVE how your family wrapped all your books in ribbons for your party. It’s nice to be celebrated 🙂