Half the sum of attraction

“He was, at the time, a remarkably fine young man, with a great deal of intelligence, spirit, and brilliancy; and Anne an extremely pretty girl, with gentleness, modesty, taste, and feeling.  Half the sum of attraction, on either side, might have been enough, for he had nothing to do, and she had hardly anybody to love; but the encounter of such lavish recommendations could not fail.  It would be difficult to say which had seen highest perfection in the other, or which had been the happiest:  she, in receiving his declarations and proposals, or he in having them accepted.”

the background on Anne and Captain Wentworth’s first meeting, eight years before the story begins

, chapter 4

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  1. angela

    I have just finished re-reading Persuasion and I remembered that scene so sadly, I think is such a human story, and one of JA finest novels. That passage perfectly portrays the depth of their affection for each other.
    I would still like to see a lengthy screen adaptation which offers some glimpses (flashbacks) into their back story.