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A belated Happy 4th

A belated Happy 4th of July to my American readers!

I love this quote from Jane on America:

His [Jane’s brother Henry’s] veiw, & the veiw of those he mixes with, of Politics, is not chearful–with regard to an American war I mean;–they consider it as certain, & as what is to ruin us.  The [?Americans] cannot be conquered, & we shall only be teaching them the skill in War which they may now want.  We are to make them good Sailors & Soldiers, & [?gain] nothing ourselves.–If we are to be ruined, it cannot be helped–but I place my hope of better things on a claim to the protection of Heaven, as a Religious Nation, a Nation inspite of much Evil improving in Religion, which I cannot believe the Americans to possess.

letter to Martha Lloyd
September 2, 1814 [106] (emphasis mine)

This reference is confusing.  Jane seems to be referring to the war of 1812, although it was nearly over by this time.

At the time Jane wrote this letter, my own church was already 80 years old.  Darn irreligious Americans!

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