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Pictures of perfection

I love this quote!  Austen is writing to her niece, Fanny.  Fanny had forced one of her suitors to read her Aunt Jane’s books without telling him who the author was (she wrote them anonymously, and the books only said, … Continue reading

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Thought it would be fun to lighten things up with some images here.  (And wanted to try out the new Pinterest buttons I added. Join me over there!) To be fair, this is not a saying Jane Austen came up … Continue reading

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Ah, Fame…

“I am very much flattered by your commendation of my last Letter, for I write only for Fame, and without any view to pecuniary Emolument.” letter to Cassandra January 14, 1796 [2]

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I am tolerably glad…

“I am tolerably glad to hear that Edward’s income is so good a one–as glad as I can at anybody’s being rich besides You & me.” letter to Cassandra January 8, 1799 [17] Edward was Jane’s dear brother who was … Continue reading

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Lovely (rich) Kent

“People get so horridly poor & economical in this part of the World, that I have no patience with them.–Kent is the only place for happiness.” letter to Cassandra (Jane’s brother Edward, who had been adopted by wealthy cousins and … Continue reading

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Conspiracy theory

“The whole World is in a conspiracy to enrich one part of our family at the expence of another.” letter to Cassandra May 21, 1801 [37] Jane was upset that her father’s extensive library had only been valued at 70 … Continue reading

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Topaz crosses

“[Charles] has received 30 pounds for his share of the privateer & expects 10 pounds more–but of what avail is it to take prizes if he lays out the produce in presents to his Sisters.  He has been buying Gold … Continue reading

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Vulgar economy

“The Orange Wine will want our Care soon.–But in the meantime for Elegance & Ease & Luxury . . . I shall eat Ice & drink French wine, & be above Vulgar Economy.” letter to Cassandra July 1, 1808 [55] … Continue reading

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Oh, to be respectable

“The Rich are always respectable.” letter to Cassandra June 22, 1808 [53] Jane was joking (as always), because she had just received a gift of money from her brother Edward’s adoptive mother (it’s complicated…), Mrs. Knight.


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Which makes me long for more

“You will be glad to hear that every Copy of S.&S. is sold & that it has brought me £140–besides the Copyright, if that should ever be of any value.–I have now therefore written myself into £250.–which only makes me … Continue reading

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