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Learning to brook being happier than I deserve

Can’t resist posting one more from Persuasion today:

“‘It is a sort of pain, too, which is new to me.  I have been used to the gratification of believing myself to earn every blessing that I enjoyed.  I have valued myself on honourable toils and just rewards.  Like other great men under reverses,’ he added with a smile, ‘I must endeavor to subdue my mind to my fortune.  I must learn to brook being happier than I deserve.'”

Captain Wentworth, during the card party at the Elliots, after he learns that Anne would have accepted him had he come back to her much sooner
Persuasion, volume 2, chapter 11

I love the hint of grace here.


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Forgiving oneself

“She had nothing to do but to forgive herself and be happier than ever.”

Catherine recovering from her faults
Northanger Abbey, volume 2, chapter 10

I love this quote.

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