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A new period of existence

“He had made his fortune, bought his house, and obtained his wife; and was beginning a new period of existence, with every probability of greater happiness than in any yet passed through.”

of Mr. Weston
Emma, volume 1, chapter 2


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One sort of spirit

Of Mr. Weston’s first wife.  Love this…

Though she had one sort of spirit, she had not the best. She had
resolution enough to pursue her own will in spite of her brother, but
not enough to refrain from unreasonable regrets at that brother’s
unreasonable anger, nor from missing the luxuries of her former home.”

Emma, volume 1, chapter 2


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The great goodness of being in love

Of Mr. Weston’s first marriage:

“She had a husband whose warm heart and sweet temper made him think every thing due to her in return for the great goodness of being in love with him.”

Lucky woman!

Emma, volume 1, chapter 2


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A large party

“One cannot have too large a party.  A large party secures its own amusement.”

Mr. Weston on inviting the Eltons to join them at Box Hill (of course, Emma disagrees)
Emma, volume 3, chapter 6

Dear Mr. Weston and his “unmanageable goodwill.”

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