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So dreadful!

“You will be an old maid! and that’s so dreadful!”  [Harriet] “Never mind, Harriet, I shall not be a poor old maid; and it is poverty only which makes celibacy contemptible to a generous public! A single woman, with a … Continue reading


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Little minds

“Where little minds belong to rich people in authority, I think they have a knack of swelling out, till they are quite as unmanageable as great ones.” Emma on the small-minded Churchills Emma, volume 1, chapter 18

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A new period of existence

“He had made his fortune, bought his house, and obtained his wife; and was beginning a new period of existence, with every probability of greater happiness than in any yet passed through.” of Mr. Weston Emma, volume 1, chapter 2


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One sort of spirit

Of Mr. Weston’s first wife.  Love this… “Though she had one sort of spirit, she had not the best. She had resolution enough to pursue her own will in spite of her brother, but not enough to refrain from unreasonable … Continue reading


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The charms of Miss Bates

Why is it everyone likes Miss Bates so much? “Her daughter [Miss Bates] enjoyed a most uncommon degree of popularity for a woman neither young, handsome, rich, nor married. Miss Bates stood in the very worst predicament in the world … Continue reading

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A hundred ways

“I suppose there may be a hundred different ways of being in love.” Emma, on thinking Mr. Elton far too gallant Emma, volume 1, chapter 6 I’m taking the next week off to linger and gaze at the sea, glory … Continue reading


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Oh, danger…

“It is never safe to sit out of doors, my dear.” Mr. Woodhouse, to Emma regarding her portrait of Harriet who is so dangerously sitting outdoors! Emma, volume 1, chapter 6

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A reputation for accomplishment

“She had always wanted to do everything, and had made more progress, both in drawing and music, than many might have done with so little labour as she would ever submit to.  She played and sang — and drew in … Continue reading

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Some doubt of a return

“I have no idea that she has yet ever seen a man she cared for.  It would not be a bad thing for her to be very much in love with a proper object.  I should like to see Emma … Continue reading

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No lasting blunder

“Where shall we see a better daughter or a kinder sister or a truer friend? . . . She will make no lasting blunder; where Emma errs once, she is in the right a hundred times.” Such words of praise … Continue reading

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