Cardinal virtues

Of James, one of the family’s servants:

“James is the delight of our lives . . . He waits extremely well, is attentive, handy, quick, & quiet, and in short has a great many more than all the cardinal virtues (for the cardinal virtues in themselves have been so often possessed that they are no longer worth having)–& amongst the rest, that of wishing to go to Bath.”

letter to Cassandra, from Lyme
September 14, 1804 [39]

Check out Arti’s pics from Bath.  Wanting to visit Bath is indeed a virtue. 😉


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2 Responses to Cardinal virtues

  1. Lori, great quote today! Bath Tourism should have this on their website or letterhead! And thanks for putting my link in your post.

  2. judy a.m.

    Forget commonplace virtues like prudence and temperance. Give me a man who wants to travel to beautiful places!