A few compliments of the navy

Hello, dear readers!  Forgive my absence Friday — I was in an editing stupor.  Just a couple more days, and then all should be nearly done… and I love it, but I can’t wait until this book is ready for publication!

Today’s quote is in honor of tonight’s season finale for The Bachelor (which, of course, is completely ridiculous, but sometimes I have to watch it to see just how ridiculous it’s going to be.  I think Jane would understand).

“Yes, here I am, Sophia, quite ready to make a foolish match.  Anybody between fifteen and thirty may have me for asking.  A little beauty, and a few smiles, and a few compliments to the navy, and I am a lost man.”

Captain Wentworth to his sister Mrs. Croft
Persuasion, volume 1, chapter 7

Now, Frederick Wentworth… I could compliment that navy.

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  1. Thank you for the Quotes of the Day. I particularly have grown fond of Persuasion. It has in some ways, to me, surpassed Pride and Prejudice, much thanks to a certain Captain Wentworth…