A visit

“After I had written the above, we received a visit from Mr Tom Lefroy and his cousin George.  The latter is really very well-behaved now; and as for the other, he has but one fault, which time will, I trust, entirely remove–it is that his morning coat is a great deal too light.  He is a very great admirer of Tom Jones, and therefore wears the same coloured clothes, I imagine, which he did when he was wounded.”

letter to Cassandra
January 9, 1796 [1]

I have read Fielding’s Tom Jones, but I must admit I have no recollection of the color of his clothes.  Jane and Tom must have discussed Fielding — a bit risque, perhaps.


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  1. I love this site! What a great idea…and an easy way for us Jane lovers to learn about her!!!
    I’ll definitely be back…I have to finish reading the archives! (I’ve gone back five months already, but ran out of time for now)