A pleasing looking young woman

Birthday_flowers Today is my birthday, and I am thirty-six, just about the age Jane was when she wrote about this compliment from Mr. Wyndham Knatchbull:

“‘A pleasing looking young woman’;–that must do;–one cannot pretend to anything better now–thankful to have it continued a few years longer!”

letter to Cassandra
April 30, 1811 [72]

I still think of myself as fairly young, and thirty-six is much younger now than it was then — but I have to admit, there’s a kind of freedom in aging and feeling like you really don’t have to keep up anymore.


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  1. I will be thirty-six on my next birthday (January 11th). I feel the same way you do. I am much more content with myself and with life than I was ten years ago!

  2. Forgot to say…Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy, happy birthday!!!! 🙂

  4. anonymous

    Happy b-day! God bless you for your work and may you be as great a woman as Austen was and continue to follow Him as she did!

  5. Luciana

    Happy birthday Lori! It’s a little late, but I’ve just seeing this post, ’cause I don´t have much access to the computer now. Congratulations any way!

  6. dowbuys

    Happy belated birthday! Love your site. Keep up the great work!